The virtual doors of the Faculty of Design and Art of unibz are open for all

Design and art… future, vision, innovation, crisis, and above all – inspiration! A special opening event and semester’s work presentation.

Friday 3rd July, 18:00 — 20:00 (CET)

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On Friday, July 3, the first online edition of Gäste Ospiti Guests will open from 18:00 to 20:00 with a very special vernissage. In a virtual tour, around a dozen design and art courses from the 2020 summer semester will be presented in 5-minute presentations each.

Saturday 4th July, 11:00 — 18:00 (CET)

On Saturday, visitors can then enter (via the GOG website) into various virtual studios and exhibition spaces, where a rich program of guided tours, videos and performances or discussions via video chats awaits. In addition, the Faculty Showcase site offers the possibility to view previous semester’s work.

Product Design

Planting. Tending. Picking. – Tools for Gardeners

Lecturers: K. Hackl, R. Berrone, T. Piccioni

This semester, we have been investigating why some garden tools have hardly changed over time, while others have almost disappeared or been replaced by newer versions.
We have studied the historical origins, their evolution and the socio-cultural context of production and use, and set ourselves the task of designing some new tools for today‘s gardeners.

Visual Communication

Things That Talk

Lecturers: M. Bubbico, G. Camillini, E. Rattalino

Inspired by Leo Lionni’s Botanica Parallela, Things That Talk used design as a narrative tool to investigate the botanical stories embedded in family photographs and objets trouvés, and to illustrate imaginary plants. These stories are collected into individual and collective editorial artefacts and on an Instagram page.

Studio IMAGE

The End of Global World? Visual (Counter-) Narratives of Territory and Identity.

Lecturers: E. Leitolf, G. Cordin, G. A. Duarte Peñaranda

Images have the potential to shape cultural and territorial identities by implementing, strengthening or counteracting cultural, social and political narratives. With the project “The End of the Global World?”, Studio Image invites students to explore the interplay of images, cultures and identities.

Visual Communication

Come on Kids! Play with Climate

Lecturers: G. Camuffo, A. Facchetti, G. Festi

The course “Come on Kids! Play with Climate” aims to design tools for the future generation, that will allow them to imagine their coming future – and to imagine alternatives and possibilities we can't see today. Using tools of graphic design – and reflecting upon design ability to build worlds and foresee future scenarios – the idea is to design “playful situations” for children and kids in order to make them see, interact and question their coming future.

Product Design

Between project and production

Lecturers: K. Prey, F. Sommacal, E. Testori

A design experience to refine and put technique, creativity, personal organization, research and communication to the test. Each student, after studying different types of products and company realities, has freely chosen a personal project to be dedicated to: an object to develop and for which imagine a possible producer. All supported by a dense training in digital modelling, always with curiosity and critical spirit.


When Attitudes become Re‑form – Collective invention and the courage to copy

Lecturers: S. Schmidt-Wulffen, S. Riba, G. Glüher

‘When Attitudes Become Form’ was a groundbreaking exhibition held in 1969. This semester, students were invited to choose, out of it, one artist each and to reconstruct the work. They were also expected to produce a work of their own, which would resonate with their replica experience. Important was to introduce the concept of the artist as participant in an ongoing discourse through appropriation and translation. We are showing the outputs of the semester in a virtual space (that you can downloand and access clicking the buttons below, for more instructions you can see the tutorial in the showcase page) and a digital publication.

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Virtual tour — Saturday 4th July, 11:00 and 17:00

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Product Design


Lecturers: S. Kehrle, F. Skatar, A. Mattozzi

Industry is living a crisis of legitimation. How can an industrial transformation towards the development of new and sustainable products be successful? What would products look like if we would design them today for the first time? Forget the genealogical tree, let's rethink things starting from zero.

Visual Communication

Order & Eccentricity

Lecturers: A. Benincasa, E. Grazzi, E. De Cecco

When it comes to do something new it’s always hard to set ourselves between order and eccentricity… from one side we want to express something new and original, but at the same time we want to stick with conventions and shared knowledge. An ordered structure gives us something to hold on. But order sometimes is also a cage of boredom, so we try to offset things around. Order and eccentricity: they are both essential and they can coexist, despite being at odds with each other.

Interior and Exhibit Design


Lecturers: R. Gigliotti, N. Bassoli, D. Ferrando

Students have been invited to transform their homes into a gallery, and to design an exhibition inside of it. What does this exhibition gallery look like? What spaces in the house does it occupy? Students observed their domestic spaces with new eyes, as if they didn’t belong to them, and re-appropriated them from a new point of view. They chose them, mapped them, emptied them of all the objects and overwritings linked to their experience, redesigned them, reinterpreted them, forced them and finally set them up so to give them a brand-new atmosphere.

Product Design

This is not THE END

Lecturers: F. Faccin, A. Mason, A. Mattozzi

This is not THE END it is an investigation that focuses on the end as a possible new beginning. The pandemic forced us home, the severe limitations due to this unprecedented condition in history have become the starting point for our course.
How has our life and house changed ? What new rituals, fears, expectations ?
We thought that the best possible way to illustrate those research and experiments, conducted by the students, was to create an instagram digital archive, in order to make this material accessible, open and viral.



Lecturers: I. Zuffi, L. Strecker, A. Metzner-Szigeth

‘Command’ is the topic our Studio chose for this Summer semester 2020 – and it just occurred that, since early March, a set of instructions and rules has been shaping our interhuman behaviour. Simultaneously, a relatively new teaching format got as well rapidly implemented by all schools, so to allow continuity in education in the sanitary emergency. We started our online classes with a mix of frustration and thrill. Staying forcibly separated from each other, at the beginning felt like an objective limitation to our dialogue and work process – yet, distance got gradually perceived as an opportunity to test one of the formats that performance allows. [...]

MA Eco-Social Design

Eco-Social Design Lock-up

Lecturers: K. Krois, C. Sy, J. Schubert, S. Ugur, A. Fuad-Luke

How to collaborate with external partners and stakeholders during lock-down? How to harness situated knowledge, when meeting in person is impossible? 10 eco-social design projects demonstrate how to push for social-ecological transformations together with people and partners out there in Covid19 times.

Artistic Drawing 2D 1 and 2

with myself – inhome * outhome

Lecturer: P. Thuile

What I see can be represented with a pencil. Close observation is the basic exercise. We were alone. In the mirror, one's own portrait, misplaced. In a few months, these drawings will be witness to an extraordinary period.

Social Interaction Design and Design & Production

Tangible Speculations in Times of Crisis

Lecturers: J. Schubert, S. Ugur

The two courses from the eco-social design master came together to showcase the results of this semester which we all lived in times of crisis. The students answered what if questions by tackling diverse problems from production to interaction in various forms ranging from digital to physical prototypes, concepts and speculations. Each project is represented with a short video which opens up a debate and invites the audiences to reflect on emerging topics that are currently in discussion, such as increasing digitalization, distant communication, open-source technologies, waste management, etc.

Showcase Social Interaction Design

Showcase Design & Production

Virtual tour — Saturday 4th July, 12:00

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